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Floral Table Setting

 The Class of 1978

Time to come together


On behalf of the Class Reunion Committee, we extend a warm hello to everyone!  It’s hard to believe, but we graduated almost 45 years ago from high school!  I’m not sure how that’s the case when I’m only 29!  The Committee has been hard at work planning our next reunion, which is set for Saturday evening, September 9, 2023.


Who's Attending?

Alison Becker

Alison (Ferber) Seldon

Amanda Maffei

Amy Stanton Ladd

Andrew Torgove

Ann Chalifour

Ann (Mayer) Grout

Betsy Cruger (guest) 

Bettina Kolker Cullinane

Bill Willis (guest)

Bob Morse 

Bruce Bial 

Buffy Pennick (guest)

Carol (Pothier) Neumann

Carolyn Davis-Hill

Catherine Amidon 

Cathy (Strout) Coulombe 

Charlene  Drew (guest)

Cheryl Smith

Christine Bailey

Christopher Cruger

Cris Barry

Curt Havens

Cynthia Curtis (guest) 

Cynthia (Douglas) Smith

Dana Carey

Dana Lemieux (guest)

Dave Koopman

Dave Willis

David Hammer 

David Marino (guest)

David McComb 

David Sterman

Debbie (Cross) Sheehan 

Debi (Martin) Kao 

Deborah  (Weston) McComb

Diane Bird (spouse)

Diane (Jackson) Gow 

Doug Redfield (guest) 

Douglas  Drew

Elizabeth (Sullivan) Freeto

Elmer  Herlihy

Ericka  Dunlap (guest) 

Frederick Brehob

Gail (Baxter) Haskell 

Gail Saseen (guest) 

Glenn Daly

Greg Chaisson

Guy Ford

Hal Kalechofsky 

Harold Nataupsky

Heather Johnson

Jane Goldstein 

Janice Daley

Jeffery Hazell

Jeffrey Heffelman

Jeffrey Lissack 

Jennifer Miles

Joanna Bergeron 

Joel Gardiner (guest)

John Chandler

John Morgan 

John Przedpelski

John Wolf 

Josh Winant 

Judy (Vessot) Gardiner

Julie (Flynn) Demers 

Karen (Gifford) Lemieux 

Kenny Demers (guest)

Kenny Rodgers

Kenny Rodgers' Guest (guest)

Kevin Neumann 

Kurt James

Lauren Hammer (guest)

Laurie Fullerton 

Laurie (Phillips) Allard 

Laurie Stephens

Leigh Girouard (guest)

Linda (Cohen) Ben-Ezra

Linda (Potier) Bruce

Lisa Nye-Salladin

Lisa Sloane

Liz (Dyer) Parker 

Marietta Collins 

Mark Voorhees

Marty (Boal) Willis

Mary Coombe

Mary Kit

MaryLou Dow

Max Sharma (guest)

Meghan McCloskey

Melissa Paly

Mia Morgan (guest) 

Michael Briggs 

Michael Briggs' Guest (guest)

Michael Natan

Michael Phelan

Michelle French

Michelle Koopman (guest)

Nancy (Wigglesworth) Dugan

Nancy Malcolm

Natalie Havens (guest)

Nicholas Delegianis 

Patty (Supple) DeCotis

Peter Dow (guest)

Peter Easterlind  

Peter Howe

Peter LaGoy (guest)

Rachael Kummins

Randall Graves

Randy Bird 

Richard Cohen 

Rick Farrar

Robert Deininger (guest)

Robert McNeil

Robin Cote 

Rosie Richardson (guest)

Rosie (Taylor) Forsgard 

Sabin James (guest) 

Sandi (Dittrich) Adams

Sandie Porter

Scott Freeto

Selena (Eutsay) Stokes

Sharon Sullivan

Stephanie Strout 

Steve Caulkins

Steve Perry 

Sue (Peffer) Worsowicz

Susan Dodge

Susan Richards Redfield

Susan (Wiley) Cavalieri

Suzanne Briggs 

Theresa (Hayes) Cotter

Todd Hoffman 

Tom Hicks 

Tom Jacobs 

Traci Howe (guest) 

William Heanue (guest)

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